Why use a temporary account to register on Discord?

Why use a temporary account to register on Discord?

You've probably wondered more than once why you receive advertising in your personal email account if you haven't provided your data to that sender.

The reality is that practices to collect data from millions of users are much more common than we imagine. Having a more or less accurate profile of our tastes, hobbies, tracking our online activity, and ultimately about who we are and how we behave, are data with great value for many companies to offer a range of services and products tailored to us.

The sale of personal information collected on the networks about ourselves by untrustworthy companies is a multimillion-dollar and booming business, and the laws and regulations that govern these practices often encounter their cross-border limits.

Thus, we have the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is the reference regulation for data protection in the European Union.

In other South American countries, there is no unified common framework like in the European Union, but several countries such as Argentina, Brazil, or Chile, have implemented national laws and regulations that are limited to protecting the privacy of their citizens.

The catch is that companies that collect personal data are located in countries without data protection regulation, taking advantage of legal loopholes, which gives them full freedom to treat our data for their benefit.

Often, we will not know the existence of these companies because they hide behind large companies and corporations recognized internationally, and this relaxes us and gives us confidence.

The use of a temporary email account is an excellent way to register for a service with Discord without having to provide our personal email account.

In this way, when we register with a temporary account, we can receive confirmation emails from Discord but without linking it to our personal account.

This form of registration offers us many advantages such as:

  1. Data collection:
    As you do not provide your personal email address, the information that Discord may sell or share with third parties for advertising purposes will not reach your inbox. The information that Discord will collect will be the temporary email address that will automatically self-destruct after a while without leaving a trace of who was the user, but preserving your access to the Discord platform. It is possible that your email address has been collected by a company or website that has sold or shared it with third parties for advertising purposes. This can happen when you enter your email in registration forms, participate in surveys or contests, or even when browsing websites that track your activity.
  2. Unsolicited emails:
    Advertising emails may come from companies that you have not explicitly authorized to send you advertising, but it will be the temporary email account that will receive this advertising, freeing you from this problem.
  3. Phishing:
    Phishing is dangerous and increasingly sophisticated, however, the use of a temporary email address will greatly limit a possible attack with emails that may contain links or attachments that, when clicked on, can install malware or steal personal information. If you only need to use Discord for a specific purpose, such as joining a server for a one-time event, a temporary account can be a convenient solution to avoid creating a permanent account that is not used regularly. By using a temporary account, you reduce the risk of your personal data being compromised in the event of a data breach or hacking on Discord. If the temporary account is affected, no relevant personal information is lost.